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about our programs, direct lender, commercial lending, commercial mortgage


Commercial Loans

We provide nationwide alternative financing for commercial real estate. We offer fast, reasonable programs, rates and lending solutions, even when your financial circumstances exceed conventional commercial lending standards.

Construction Loans

We provide construction and development loans from $1MM to over $100M. We have 24 month construction only or construction mini-perms loans available with competitive rates and can typically close within 45 days.

Residential Investment Loans

We provide residential investment capital for non-owner occupied residential properties including a “Fix and Flip” program where we will finance 100% of construction costs as well as wrap mortgages for residential portfolio’s.

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What is most important is how “Our Company” can assist you in your lending needs. We have set up a streamlined commercial loans platform that has been established to enhance the lending process and ensure that your loan request is handled efficiently and timely.

Because of our various capital platforms we can provide both Debt and Equity loans. Our Debt and Equity combination loan products allow our borrowers to get more value out of their capital. We can put a 90% Combined Loan To Value (CLTV) Loan product together for you, which allows you to use the other capital that you would normally use for your own equity on other projects or additional liquidity for the project you are financing with us.

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